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aaPanel(International version for BAOTA panel) is a web hosting control panel, its support Linux server, able to increase efficiency to manage the server's web server.

Safe and efficient Server control Panel

Feature Options
Basic functions
nearly 200 free apps
Customized functional
can be provided according
to user needs
Purchase Recommendation
Linux Panel(Free)
  • Website management
  • Database management
  • File management
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • FTP management
  • Resource monitoring
  • Terminal function
  • Web Services

Linux Panel(Free)


Free Install
Linux Panel(Professional)
  • Website management
  • Database management
  • File management
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • FTP management
  • Resource monitoring
  • Terminal function
  • Web Services
  • System hardening
  • Website statistics
  • Nginx WAF
  • Abnormal Push
  • WebSite Speed
  • Website Tamper-proof
  • Apache WAF
  • Load balance
  • Task manager
  • Anti-intrusion

Linux Panel(Professional)

$13.05/month Original price: $14.50/month

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Auth code application process

  • Select purchase
    Please select Linux Panel (Professional Edition)
    Click "Purchase Auth Code" to complete the payment.
  • Generate auth code
    After the payment is completed, the system will automatically generate an auth code. Please save the auth code and to prevent data leaks to others.
  • Bind the auth code
    Log in to the aaPanel (BAOTA Panel International Edition) official website,
    enter the login panel, and bind the auth code.
  • Bind the aaPanel account
    After logging in to the aaPanel panel, log in to the aaPanel account (it is an email address) on the panel, click on the solution to purchase the professional version, and purchase the trial voucher.

What are the advantages of aaPanel panels

  • Create and manage web projects quickly
    Convenient function to manage website, such as domain binding, one-click SSL certificates, and website configuration changes.
  • Monitor server resource usage
    CPU, memory, disk IO, network IO data monitoring, you can set the number of days for keeping record, and view the data of a certain day.
  • Familiar file management system
    A convenient and efficient file manager for uploading, downloading, packaging, decompression and other operations, and can write coding online.
  • One-click software installation and deployment source code
    Through the web interface, you can easily manage the server software that installed, as well as develop the applications.

Server operation and maintenance management tools

  • Simple and smart visualization
    Simple and friendly interactive experience, 2 minutes to install the panel, one-click installation for LNMP/LAMP website environment, with website management as the core value, providing resource monitoring, file management, software installation and other common operation and maintenance function modules.
  • Easily become an operation and maintenance master
    aaPanel encapsulates common Linux commands into functional modules, such as creating a website, binding a domain, reverse proxy, Tomcat configuration, etc. The configuration can be completed with a few clicks on the panel.
  • Safe and visible
    One-click server inspection able to find out 16 security risks, such as firewall, default Identify whether the port is modified, etc., output result, and provide a solution. To purchase Boata web application firewallin order to enahnce overall security.

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Safe and efficient server control panel