Frequently Asked Questions

How to bulk transfer?

Updated Time:2021-08-16  Views:40111

Domain name transfer means transferring the domain name to the management of this site, and you can edit DNS, make domain resolution, update domain contact and other operations in the site.

The transfer processes are as follows.

First, before transferring the domain name, please obtain the domain name auth code in the current domain registrar.

Second, login your Eason.com account, click the navigation bar [Register] - [Transfer in] - [Bulk Transfer in] to enter the bulk transfer page.

Third, enter your domain name|auth code, click [Search], the system will detect whether the domain name status allows the transfer and whether the auth code is correct! The query result is divided into two states: [available], [unavailable].

Fourth, check the [unavailable] domain name click [Transfer Now] to enter the payment page.

Fifth, select the payment method, click [Pay Now] to complete the payment. The system will freeze your transfer fees, until domain is successfully transferred, the fees will be unfrozen and deducted.

Sixth, the domain name transfer is completed. Congratulations, you can now in this site for full management of the domain name!

Warm tips:

1. If there is prompt "registrar transfer lock" when you transfer, please contact the current domain registrar to unlock the domain name.

2. International domain name transfer, please confirm there has been 60 days of last renewal, otherwise there may be a successful transfer, but the domain expiration date wont be extended.

3. If the auth code of the domain name contains spaces, please try to replace the space with " ".

4. Transfer will usually be completed in about a week, please check in the control panel by yourself, no further notice.



How long does it take to transfer a domain name?

Domain transfer usually takes 1-7 days, please wait patiently, you can check the transfer status of the domain name in the [Control Panel] --- [Domain Management] --- [Transfer in]!

Will the domain name resolution be affected during the transfer period?

The domain name transfer will not affect the domain resolution and your website can be accessed normally.

Is it possible to cancel the transfer in the middle of the transfer?

We don’t support that, if you really want to cancel it, you can only contact the current registrar to refuse the transfer to our site.