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Differences Between Types of SSL Certificates

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This site's SSL certificate management service provides three types of SSL certificates: OV, EV, and DV.

This chapter will introduce the differences between the various types of certificates.


* Special enterprises do not support applying for OV and EV certificates. For example: the military, some special agencies of the government, state secret units, etc.

Reason: The unified social credit code publicity and query platform for organizations across the country cannot find the relevant information of special enterprises, and thus cannot complete the organizational identity verification. Therefore, special enterprises cannot use OV and EV type SSL certificates.

Certificate Type

The SSL certificate service of this site supports the purchase of three types: DV, OV and EV. Different certificate types are applicable to different application scenarios, trust levels, and security. The specific differences are shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Differences between various certificates





Certificate brand

EV Extended Validation:

OV Organization Validation

DV Domain Validation

DV Basic Version

Domain type

Single domainMultiple domain

Single domainMultiple domainWildcards

Single domainMultiple domainWildcards

Typical application scenarios

 It is suitable for institutions and organizations with higher security requirements such as finance, insurance, and banks.

 It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises with higher requirements for data security.

It is suitable for personal websites and enterprise testing.

Padlock in address bar

Address bar displays enterprise name



Security Level




Audit time

3-5 working days

1-3 working days

same day

Certification intensity

CA organization strict certified

CA organization audit the authenticity of organizations and enterprises

CA organization audit the authenticity of personal websites

Encryption Algorithm





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