Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the type of certificate?

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How to choose the type of certificate?
* If the main body of your website is an individual (that is, without a business license), you can only apply for a domain name type (DV).
* For financial and payment companies, it is recommended to purchase EV certificates.
* For general enterprises, it is recommended to purchase OV type and above SSL certificates.
* If it is called as a mobile website or interface, it is also recommended that you purchase an OV type or above SSL certificate.

How to choose a certificate brand?
You can purchase according to the browser compatibility test report of each SSL certificate brand and the business situation of the enterprise.

How to choose the number of supported domains?
This site provides the following three types of domain names, please refer to the following for the specific differences:
* Single domain name: Only one domain name can be bound, which can be either the second-level domain name domain.com or the third-level domain name example.domain.com, but all subdomains under the second-level domain name are not supported.
* Multiple domain names: A single certificate can be bound to multiple domain names, and the maximum number of domain names that can be supported is subject to the sale on the official website.
* Wildcard: Support binding one and only one wildcard, only allow to add one wildcard, such as *.domain.com, *.example.domain.com, up to 100 levels;