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What is the difference between an expired renewal certificate and a newly purchased certificate?

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Renewal upon expiration is a function provided by this site's SSL certificate, which can effectively ensure that you renew the certificate in advance without losing the remaining unused validity period before the certificate expires, and avoid the website bound to the certificate being displayed as invalid due to untimely certificate renewal. Safe website. You can directly log in to the SSL certificate management of this site to renew the certificate that is about to expire.
Newly purchased certificate means that you go to the SSL certificate purchase page of this site to purchase a new certificate.
There are the following differences between an expired renewal certificate and a newly purchased certificate:
* The validity period of the expired renewal certificate will be superimposed on the validity period that has not been used before the certificate expires.
Note: If your existing certificate is about to expire, you did not renew the certificate through the renewal function, but issued a new certificate by repurchasing it.
certificate, then the validity period of your newly purchased certificate will not be superimposed on the validity period that was not used before your old certificate expires.
* Expired renewal certificates are issued faster than newly purchased certificates.
* You do not need to re-fill the application information for expired and renewed certificates, and you need to fill in the certificate application information for newly purchased certificates.
Note: Since the SSL certificate service of this site has saved the historical information of applying for the certificate for you, when you apply for a certificate after the renewal of the expired certificate,
The historical information you filled in when you applied for similar certificates before will be automatically populated.