Frequently Asked Questions

How to download and install a two-step authentication authenticator

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Install Microsoft Authenticator on your phone

1.For iPhone, search for Microsoft Authenticator in the App Store and click Download to install;

2.For Android phones,Search for Microsoft Authenticator in the app market, or click this link to manually download:


Enter the Security Center and click Bind Now to enter the two-step verification binding page

Add a new account in Microsoft Authenticator

In the Microsoft Authenticator application, select "Scan QR Code" or enter code manually to add.

After the configuration is completed, a 6-digit number will be displayed on the phone, which will change every 30 seconds. This number is your two-step verification password (please do not delete this verification code account, otherwise you will not be able to operate the account).

On the two-step verification binding page, enter a 6-digit verification code in the [Verification Code], and click Bind Now to complete the binding