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What are the causes of server operation lag:

Updated Time:2023-07-08  Views:14308

Server configuration problems

Insufficient VPS configuration may cause operational lag, such as insufficient memory, CPU and other hardware resources. You can consider upgrading/purchasing a higher VPS configuration or optimizing the use of resources, such as closing unnecessary services, optimizing program code, etc.

Network connection problems

Unstable VPS network connection or insufficient bandwidth may also cause operation lag. You can try to check whether the network connection is normal and troubleshoot the network.

Resource contention issues

If there are multiple applications running on the VPS, the operation may lag due to resource contention. You can try to optimize the resource usage of the application, such as limiting the CPU and memory usage of the application.

System configuration problems

There may be problems with the system configuration of the VPS, such as incompatible kernel, improper service configuration, etc., which can also cause operation lag. You can try to reinstall or update the system, or check if the service configuration is correct.

Virus or malware infections

If the VPS is infected with a virus or malware, it may also cause the operation to lag. You can try to install antivirus or malware cleaning tools to scan and clean it.