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Snapshot application scenarios

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Snapshot is a convenient and efficient data protection service recommended for the following business scenarios:

Daily Data Backup

You can utilize snapshots to back up important business data on a regular basis to cope with the risk of data loss due to misuse, attacks or viruses.

Fast Data Recovery

You can create one or more snapshots before major operations such as changing operating systems, upgrading applications or migrating business data. If any problem occurs during the change operation, the created snapshots can be used to recover business data in a timely manner.

Multi-copy applications of production data

You can create snapshots of production data to provide near real-time real production data for applications such as data mining, report querying, development testing, and so on.

Rapid Deployment Environment

You can create a snapshot of a cloud server and use that system snapshot to create a customized image. You can create one or more instances from the created image to quickly deploy cloud servers of the same environment in bulk, saving time on repetitive configurations.

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