Frequently Asked Questions

How to Configure Website Protection (CNAME Resolution)

Updated Time:2024-01-16  Views:6028

CNAME resolution access mode requires setting the corresponding origin address in domain resolution by adding the CNAME resolution specified by our site. There is no need to make settings on our site for domain resolution management.

Purchase Range Price Explanation

Website Protection (CNAME Resolution) can purchase multiple source stations for each domain. The more source stations you purchase, the greater the discount. Specific discount ranges are as follows:

Number of Source Stations Price
1st $25.00/month per station
2nd $20.00/month per station
3rd $15.00/month per station
4th and above $10.00/month per station


Purchase and Configuration Process

1.Log in to our site, go to the homepage, click on "Cloud Products" -> "Website Protection" to enter the Website Protection page.

2.Click "Experience Now" or "Bulk Buy" to enter the purchase page, enter the website domain name that needs protection, and select "CNAME Resolution" as the access method.

3.Click "Query Purchase" to submit the order. After successful purchase, enter the "Protection Management" page, click "Details".

4.Click "Details" to fill in basic information.

5.Click "Next" to complete domain DNS verification.

6.After completing DNS value configuration, click "Verify." If you have configured domain resolution, please wait for resolution (5-10 minutes) before clicking "Verify" to check if it is set successfully. After successful verification, add the returned CNMAE resolution to domain resolution.

7.Click "Verify." After successful verification, the page status will display "Enabled" for Website Protection (CNAME), protecting your online website.