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How to use DNSSEC?

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1.Generate DS Records

Generate DS records on the DNS server (authoritative DNS). DS records include parameters such as key tag, algorithm, digest type, and digest. (If the DNS server is the default one for the site, DS record generation may not be supported. It is recommended to purchase the site's web protection product, where DNSSEC DS record generation can be enabled in the website protection settings under "Other Settings.")

2.Set DS Records

Set DS records at the registrar by entering the generated parameters (key tag, algorithm, digest type, digest) into the corresponding input fields. (If the registrar is the same site, DS records can be set in Domain Management > My Domains > Manage > DNSSEC. If the registrar is a different platform, such as Alibaba Cloud or GoDaddy, please log in to the respective platform and consult third-party support on how to set up DNSSEC.)


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