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Site group server special definition of the function of attention

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Load balancing

A cluster server needs to implement load balancing to ensure that access requests are distributed to different servers in a balanced manner, thus improving the access speed and availability of the website. Commonly used load balancing algorithms are polling, weighted polling, least connected, etc.

Data synchronization

Since multiple websites are hosted on the web server, attention needs to be paid to the issue of data synchronization to ensure that the data on each server is synchronized. Commonly used data synchronization methods are file-based synchronization, database based synchronization, etc.

Website backup

The web server needs to perform regular website backups to prevent data loss or corruption. The backup method can be manual backup, or you can use automatic backup tools for regular backup.

Website security

The web server needs to pay attention to the security of the website, such as firewall, access control, data encryption, etc.. Also need to pay attention to software updates, vulnerability repair and other aspects of security issues.

DNS resolution

The web server needs to be configured with a DNS server to ensure that the domain names of individual websites can be correctly resolved to the appropriate servers. You can use a dedicated DNS service provider or you can configure your own DNS service on the server.

Management method

The management method of the web server needs to be managed by remote login. You need to pay attention to the settings and security of remote login methods, such as SSH, RDP, VNC, etc.