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Cloud Server Features Notes

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Virtualization technology

VPS server is a virtualization technology that divides a physical server into multiple virtual servers to provide services. Therefore, attention needs to be paid to the relevant features of virtualization technology, such as resource isolation, security, flexibility, etc.

Network environment

The VPS server needs to be accessed through the public network, so you need to pay attention to the settings related to the network environment, such as IP address, DNS resolution, port opening, etc.

Management method

The management method of the VPS server requires remote login for management. You need to pay attention to the settings and security of remote login methods, such as SSH, RDP, VNC, etc.


VPS servers need to pay attention to security such as firewalls, access control, data backup, etc. You also need to pay attention to security issues in terms of software updates, vulnerability fixes, etc.

Resource allocation

VPS servers need to pay attention to the allocation and management of resources, such as CPU, memory, disk space, etc. The resources need to be reasonably allocated and adjusted according to the specific application scenario.

Operating system

VPS servers need to choose the right operating system, such as Linux, Windows, etc. The choice needs to be made according to the application scenario and user needs.

Data backup

VPS servers require regular data backups to prevent data loss or corruption. Backups can be done manually or on a regular basis using an automatic backup tool.