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VPS network instability or IP can not solve how

Updated Time:2023-07-08  Views:13240

Check the network connection

First make sure your local network connection is stable. If you are using a WiFi connection, try using a wired connection to rule out an unstable WIFI signal.

Check the VPS's network

You can test if the VPS's network is working by using the ping command or traceroute command. If the ping command or traceroute command fails to connect to the VPS, it may be a network problem with the VPS provider.

Check the firewall configuration

If you have a firewall installed on your VPS, it may block access to certain ports. Make sure your firewall is configured correctly and allows the required ports.

Restarting VPS

Sometimes, restarting the VPS can solve network problems,. You can access the VPS through the control panel or ssh and execute the reboot command.

Contact the VPS provider

If you have tried the above and still can't solve the problem, it may be a problem with the network provided by the VPS. You can contact the VPS provider's technical support team.