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VPS can not remote how to solve

Updated Time:2023-07-08  Views:13122

Network problem

The VPS cannot be remote because of an unstable network connection or a problem with the network configuration. You can try using another network connection or check the network configuration of the VPS to make sure the network connection is working.

Firewall issues

The firewall on the VPS may be blocking remote connections. You can try turning off the firewall or adding the appropriate port rules to allow remote connections.

SSH service problem

If you are using SSH protocol for remote connection, there may be a problem with the SSH service that prevents you from connecting. You can try restarting the SSH service or reinstalling the SSH service.

Account permission issues

If you are using an account for remote connection, you may not be able to connect due to insufficient account permissions. You can try to connect using an administrator account or change the account permissions.