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VPS system can not open Google and other website pages

Updated Time:2023-07-08  Views:13251

DNS resolution problem

It may be that the DNS server is unable to resolve the domain name of websites such as Google, resulting in inaccessibility. You can try to change the DNS server or manually add the corresponding DNS resolution records.

Network connection problems

There may be problems with the VPS network connection causing inability to access websites such as Google. You can try to check whether the network connection is normal and troubleshoot the network.

Firewall or proxy issues

It is possible that the firewall or proxy settings on the VPS are causing the inaccessibility. You can try turning off the firewall or proxy, or adding the appropriate rules to allow access.

System configuration problem

There may be a problem with the system configuration of the VPS that prevents access to websites such as Google. You can try to reinstall or update the system, or check if the system configuration is correct.

Other problems

There may be problems with websites such as Google itself that prevent access, or problems with browser settings, etc. You can try using another browser or accessing on another device to troubleshoot the problem.